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happy and healthy baking with biscuit malt


15 Jul

Time for biscuit malt. You must have met all types of people, those who love Mahalaxmi malt extract’s biscuit malt, those who hate it and those who are indifferent about it. But this hatred can be turned into love if you try Mahalaxmimaltextract’s biscuit malt.

Biscuit Malt is a highly flavored specialty malt that is produced using a drum roaster. Biscuit malt is produced by germinating the barley and then the kiln-dried barley is roasted at high temperature but for a relatively short roasting time. Then the step of dry roasting takes place to develop the unique toasted, warm bread, biscuit, and especially nutty flavors and aromas characteristic of this malt type and the beers in which it is used. 

Biscuit malt is rightly  named for the biscuity flavor it gives and is also sometimes known for its "saltine cracker" flavor which you can say is more accurate than "biscuity". With moderation, malt extract does add a unique component to any recipe. You can even go overboard with biscuit malt because it's not as strongly flavored as some specialty malts. 

The toasted, nutty flavors of biscuit malt extract also make it popular for usage in not only bakery products but also in various beers at a low percentages as they add subtle flavors and aromas to beer styles such as pale ales, amber and red ales and lagers. In darker beer styles such as stouts and porters, low percentages of malt extract liquids can help develop greater complexity and increase malt aroma.

Biscuit confectionery grade malt extract lends the beer and baked bread and biscuits an intense and sweet malty aroma. It somehow combines distinct roasted aromas and a light color which gives a golden colour to the beer that suits perfectly for many beer styles, giving a little special touch to them. These appetizing biscuits come enriched with vitamins and nutrients of milk, and just the right amount of malted milk and are Easy to make, tasty, healthy and visually appealing which go along with every occasion.

If you are yet to taste Biscuit Malt,  I strongly recommend that you do, it tastes like roasted hazelnut and very dry to me, which is good right?!

Barley Malt Powder and Liquid Malt Extracts are used for adding flavouring and sweetness and enhancing natural aromas in food products. In bakery applications, such as these savoury cheese biscuits, they enhance the texture, adding crisp. Our Malt Extracts are 100% natural. – Get ready to fall in love again with biscuit malt with Mahalxmimaltextract!