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try a classic vanilla malted milkshake


21 Dec

For some reason tasting vanilla malted milkshake takes me to some other world - A world full of creamy essence of vanilla flavor. It’s the same with you, right? If not, then you might be one of those who don’t like vanilla flavor. Well those who don’t like Vanilla flavor and Vanilla lovers like me, everyone can give a try to the Vanilla Malted Milkshakes and I am sure, you will love it!

It comes with a full set of taste plus health. So for those who feel that health first and taste later….. there are many recipes (including malt) which are without extra fat and calories. You must be thinking How can you have your malt and drink it, too? Recipes are made with reduced-fat ice cream and low-fat milk. As a result, this malted shake is not quite as sinful of an indulgence as its ice-cream-parlor counterpart, nor is it straw-defyingly thick.

Before moving further, let’s learn a few things about Malted Milk. It is a powdered gruel made from malted barley, wheat, evaporated whole milk and a tinch of salt and baking soda. The powder is generally used to add distinctive essence and flavor to various foods and beverages.  Malt milk powder is available in two forms – one is non diastatic and the other one is diastatic. The former means there are no active enzymes in the powder and is used for milk flavoring, milk shakes and baked goods.   The latter means there are active enzymes that break down starch into sugar. Diastatic milk powder is used by bakers as they add it in bread dough which helps the dough rise and create a certain crust.


Now let’s try making this malted milkshake and see if it suits your taste.

The first step is to Gather the ingredients. Ingredients include - 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of ice cream, 4 tablespoons of malted milk powder (or GrowVita), ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.

After gathering all the above mentioned ingredients put them  in a jar and blend it until it gets creamy (around 10-20 seconds).

Now transfer that creamy mix into a glass; insert a straw and ENJOY! (If you have some other flavorings that you prefer, like strawberry or other fruits, you can try substituting them as well. You may also have to adjust the amount of milk to ensure the shake is at your desired thickness.)

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