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Barley Malt Grain

We have been into the business of providing our clients with high quality Barley Malt Grain

These germinated cereal grains are processed at our own processing unit hence we ensure our clients with hygiene and purity and in accordance with the set industry norms.

Parameter Value
Appearance Golden Brown
Moulds Negative
Moisture 4 - 5 %
Sieve Analysis > 2.5- 2.8 mm 2.2- 2.5 mm 95
< 2.2 mm 4
Sacchrification Time 10 - 15 Minutes
Color 3 - 4 EBC
pH 5 - 6
Odour No abnormal odour
HWE (DB) EBC 76 - 78 %
Fine Coarse difference 2.0 %
Diastatic Power 75 Degree L

Breweries, Distilleries, Multi Grain Biscuits


50Kg PP Bag


3 to 6 months Depending on Storage conditions.


Malted Barley, Barley Malt or Malt is best understood as a healthy cereal alternative to any normal source of starch.

Malted Barley, Barley Malt or Malt in simplest terms is germinated to the perfect stage where the natural enzymes present in the grain breaks down the starch from a complex stage to a very simplified form in order to enhance the food values and also increase the digestibility.


The barley is separated from the foreign material. Once it is separated, it is graded to specific size. The barley is then shifted to steel tanks, which are provided with outlet pipes and water inlets to carry out vigorous aeration and mixing of the barley or water mixture with the aid of compressed air. Once barley reaches water content of 43-56%, steeping is stopped

  • After Steeping get over, the steeped barley is shifted to germinating floors or room to allow germination.
  • The entire germination period takes 4-7 days depending upon the type of barley.
  • During the germination process, many enzymatic systems such as oxidative and reductive systems get activated and involved with the respiration phase.
  • The activate B-amylase or proteolytic enzymes release act on the proteins present, to make them soluble.
  • However, about 40% of the total protein is made soluble in water.
  • The Kilning or drying process done at appropriate time and at optimum degree of starch modification, stops the germination.
  • The heat catalyses additional reaction, which results in color and flavor development.
  • The germinated malt or green malt is hastily and cautiously dried.