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19 Mar

Combining and connecting the raw materials/ingredients to turn them into the desired recipe is one of the rewarding points for a brewer or chef. Malt Extract - This product is used by both chefs and brewers. It can be used in baking, pharma, beers etc. 

Malt is germinated cereal grain that has been dried in a process known as "malting". Malt extract can be made by using various types of grains such as wheat, rye but the most commonly used grain is Barley.


On a worldwide basis, malt extract is used in the production of various products may it brewing or products other than brewing. Malt extract was the first grain based sweetener that was manufactured naturally using simple technology and resources. Malt extracts are also used for flavour, starch content, enzyme activity, and  for food applications including baked products, biscuit and confectionery items, flakes, especially those that require browning or color development such as bagels, pretzels and pizza crusts. Malt extracts whether in liquid or dry form are the main source of flavor and color in many breakfast cereals. Malt extract and malted milk powder are also used in nonalcoholic beverages.

In many countries malt based beverages are very popular and are the common ingredient used to improve the palatability of pet and human medicines. Mahalaxmimaltextract manufacturer manufactures a wide range of various quality and types of malt extract depending on its use.  The main differences in manufacture and quality are between those extracts intended for food and brewing use.

Grade Malt Extract for Brewing vs. Food-

Grade malt extracts, both malt extract powder and liquid,  are made with only the top notch quality brewing malts which gives the product additional colours and flavours and make the malt suitable for beer and various other beverages . Grade malt extracts for food purposes are often made with non-brewing grade food or distilling malt, and are usually used as a minor ingredient, usually to add special essence and flavour. In the food industry, malted barley products are blended with flakes, phama, biscuit and confectionery items etc.

Not only this there are many versions of malt extract such as Darker versions of food grade malt extracts which are often made by heating them until they darken to the desired color. This practice  lowers the pH of the extract and generates darker flavours.

We, at Mahalaxmimaltextract provides you with the best quality Malt extract for all the purposes as per your requirements. We are among the best malted barley powder manufacturers and barley malt manufacturers in India who are always ready to serve you with the best.