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12 Apr

What is Malt Extract?

When Malt is further processed to produce liquid or powdered extracts or  sweeteners, it is called Malt Extracts. There are several classes of Malt Extracts available which broadly includes - Standard Malt Extracts, Specialty and Black Malt Extracts, and Co Extracts of Malt and Other Cereal Grains.

What are the Classifications of Malt Extract?

Standard Malt Extracts - This class of Malt Extract can be thought of as an original grain-based sweetener. Long before the advent of acid conversion, corn syrups and genetically modified enzymes, for bakers and food processors, starch- sweeteners were created using malted grains and water. Malted grains- Produced using a variant of the brewing process - are mixed with water that allow the enzymes to break down the starch and protein-material of the malted seed. Indissoluble fiber is then removed, and the resultant sugary liquid, is concentrated to make a viscous, stable liquid sweetener or is dried to make a powder instead of being fermented into beer.Malt extracts have carbohydrate profiles very similar to a high-maltose syrup due to the natural presence of enzymes in malt. As they are made from a whole grain, they contain about 6% protein along with abundance of free amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The availability of the constituents, which are not there in starch-based syrups, increase the nutritional value of malt extract as a nutritive sweetener. Malt Extracts can be made from any type of malted grain but extracts, other than barley malt grains, are normally labeled as “extract of malted wheat” or “malted wheat extract”.

Specialty and Black Malt Extracts -  Beer comes in a variety of flavors and colors starting from dark stouts and porters to rich-copper Oktoberfests. Malt Extracts produced using specialty malts have a comparatively wide variety of flavors and colors. Because of the many types that can be made. Specialty and Black Malt Extracts serves  a number of functions when it comes to bakery products. Some of them are - fermentable material or yeast food, browning and flavoring agents, color, sweetener and enzyme source. Selecting the right malt extract requires an understanding of the desired functionality and choosing the most appropriate product.

Co extracts of Malt and Other Cereal Grains - Various other starch sources can also be converted into extracts by using malted barley as a natural enzyme source in the extraction process and is normally done to make a lighter flavored syrup.

What is Biscuit confectionery and pharma grade malt extract?

Biscuit confectionery grade malt Extract provided by us is a Rich source of Minerals, Vitamins B and Amino Acids. Vitamins B are necessary for metabolizing the carbs, Protein and fat in food into energy and are 100% natural.

Pharma grade malt extract is the extract that is sugary in taste, light yellowish in shading and is extremely hygroscopic and free steam in nature.


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