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23 Mar

You all must have tasted malt in one way or the other. But do you know what Malt exactly is or how Malt Extract is made? This one of an informative blog to increase your knowledge and understanding about the product you consume.

Malt is a grain product that is used in the production of beverages and various food items as it is a basis for fermentation and helps add flavour, sweet essence and nutrients to various products. Malt is prepared from various cereal grains such as- barley (most preferred) , rye, wheat, rice and corn -  by allowing partial germination to modify the grain’s natural food substances. This step of germination of grains results in malt which is initiated by adding moisture and is then dried with hot air. So basically, malt is germinated cereal grain that has been dried in a process known as “malting”. 

The malting process itself consists of three stages: steeping, germination, and kilning. 


In steeping, the grain is placed in a tank filled with water and let the grains absorb  moisture which awakens the embryo and develops new enzymes within the kernel.

These enzymes then break down the protein and carbohydrate matrix that encloses starch granules in the endosperm, opening up the seed’s starch reserves, and newly developed hormones initiate growth of the sprouts. The steeping stage is considered complete when the barley reaches a sufficient moisture level to allow a uniform breakdown of the starches and proteins. 


The Germination phase is known as the ‘control’ phase of malting. The dampened grain in this step is allowed to germinate, and the tiny rootlets grow out from the bottom of the kernel. The germinating grain bed is then kept at a certain temperature and oxygenated by providing a constant flow of humidified air through the bed. The grain is turned in regular intervals to prevent rootlets matting and to maintain a loosely packed grain bed.


Kilning is the third phase of malting where the malt is dried out to make it stable and safe for storage. Malt gets the characteristics of flavour, moisture and colour due to the subtle biochemical changes  that take place in the latter stages. The final malt is then analysed extensively according to malt type and customer profile. The malt may be dispatched in bags, or in bulk.

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