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20 Mar

Bonjour! First time withMahalxmimaltextract? Today, let’s take a tour to the malts of Mahalaxmimaltextract.

We, being among the top Barley malt suppliers,malt with carefully selected 2 row and 6 row barley, and also with other grains, such as wheat and rye, as per client requirements. Our extensive selection of malts enables us to create a wide range of products for consumers.

Our malt extract liquids in India are at the peak of sourcing good grain, monitoring processes closely and maintaining utmost quality controls and hygiene throughout the malting process, to ensure we deliver only the finest quality of malts to our clients. 

Types of MALTS:

Roasted Malts

Roasted malts are any malts or grains that are roasted to a very high degree. This type of malt is used for imparting a distinct characteristic and deep dark colours to your products. Roasted Malt used by malt extract suppliers like us enhances the taste of your beers and coffee.

Wheat Malt

Wheat malt is a popular ingredient in wheat beer and is made from 100% wheat. Wheat has been used for brewing beer nearly as long as barley and has equal diastatic power. High Protein  content and the enhanced mouthfeel gives it various uses in the confectionery and bakery industry also.

Roasted wheat malt

Roasted malt wheat has a biscuity and nutty flavour that is comparatively softer than roasted barley malt. This type of malt has various applications such as inclusion in different snacks.

Pale Ale Malt:

This malt type of malt gives a slightly toastier malt flavour and is kilned at higher temperatures than lager malt.

Coffee malt

Coffee malt is made from 100% malted barley and the unique method used in its production helps prevent the richness and special essence  of  a flavour.

Pilsner Malt

Pilsner malt is the malt loaded with good protein degradation and is enriched with enzymes. This type of malt has delicate maltiness and texture which can give a unique flavour to your recipe.

Caramel and crystal malt

Crystal malts are steep-able and generally used to add sweetness and color to both extract and all-grain brews. They're usually named based on color. As a general rule, the lighter-colored crystal malts are more "sweet," while darker crystal malts add roastiness or nuttiness in addition to sweetness. Similarly, the caramel malt gives your products a complex aroma, fuller body and delightful character. 

Amber Malt

Amber malt is one of the most versatile toasted malt used in brewing. This type of malt helps in adding flavour and nutty texture to your product.

Munich Malt

Munich malts hold a special place in the brewer’s recipe  as it Offers both color and flavor benefits typically associated with specialty malts plus diastatic power for starch conversion, this malt and malted milk food can do what no other malt can.

Mahalxmimaltextract is always at your service. Whatever is the size, style and approach of your brewery, our maltsters are here to help. We’d love to hear from you, understand your malt needs and show how our malts can make all the difference to your recipes.