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16 Jul

As a healthy cereal alternative to sugar or starch in bakery and confectionery items, Malted Barley is something that is usually taken into consideration. But that is not the only thing barley malt is good at. Malt is best associated with Beer or Malt Blended Whiskies. Malted barley is the basic source of sugars/maltose which are fermented into beer. It can be said that the most basic ingredient that would be able to become a healthy and equally tasty substitute for the health aspect of any processed food is called Malt.

Malt is known as "the soul of beer" and is one of four essential ingredients used in producing craft beer. It is the malt that provides color, sweet essence, aroma, flavor, and body to any product including beer.

There are a number of grains that can be used in making beer such as barley, rye, wheat etc. But among all barley is the most commonly used and preferred. Barley grain cannot get fermented into alcohol by its, instead it is first converted to malted barley through a process called malting. Malting process involves three basic steps. The first one is steeping which involves the soaking of barley to awaken the dormant grain. Next, is the step of germination that involves the germination and sprouting of the grain. Finally, the step of heating or kilning the barley comes to produce its final color and flavor. Talking from the brewer's point of view, there are two kinds of malted grain, one that needs to be mashed and the other one that doesn't. Mashing is the process of soaking in hot water which makes a porridge-like mixture that provides the right conditions for the enzymes to convert the grain starches into fermentable sugars. For example- the basic light colored malts such as pale ale malt  and malted wheat need to be mashed to convert the starches into fermentable sugars.

Malts, again, can also be divided as to how they’re used, such as “base malts” and “specialty malts.” For instance, Crystal malts are commonly used as a specialty malt to impart caramel-like sweetness. Black malts, on the other hand, are super-kilned barley malts that can be used to darken color or taste. Then there is Pilsner malt that is a super pale malt used in the base of a lager, with a good amount of flavor and some sweetness despite its pale color. The list, because beer is a delicious rainbow, goes on.

There are also two forms in which malt extract is available for producing beer, i.e. dry malt extract and liquid malt extract. As per your need and recipe you can choose the type of grain, the type of malt or the form of malt extract to use. Mahalaxmimaltextract provides you with ‘n’ number of options to choose from that fits your brewing requirement and also definitely your bill.

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